It all started back in March of 2020. I had just recovered from an emergency surgery and was about to go back to the office. I had been cleared to start working on the the next Monday. That is when I found out that because of the global pandemic I would not be going back to the office for a while.

I had also recently been laid off from my part time gig at a bigbox music retailer and the pandemic was shutting everything down. With no more perks (read that as really nice discounts on gear), lots of extra time and an obsession with music and gear that has lasted for over 40 years, I would have to find another way to satisfy my cravings.

This is when I saw a live stream on Rhett Shull’s Youtube channel. He was building a LPD boost pedal with his girlfriend. I immediately ordered the kit from Reverb and a new obesession was born. After building the kit I ordered 7 PCBs from Rullywow, created a spread sheet of needed parts, and went to work.

I started this site so that I could share my experiences, struggles and successes. I’ve spent my life finding ways to succeed with Bi-Polar Disorder and severe ADHD. I have not always been able to relate well with others. Being Bipolar means that they meet a very different person over time. Some are a blast to be around and some are very difficult. This is my way of trying to connect. One thing that has been consistant is my desire to learn and share what I am learning.

- pachyderm pedals

If you are interested in knowing what it is like to try to deal with mental illness I am going to try to post up some writings every once in a while. I am calling these my “Manic Ruminations”.