PedalPCB - Product and Build Doc Reference

16 minute read

Let me start off by saying I love the PedalPCB community. The forum is an excellent place to get help, show off, and talk about pedals and building. I would ...

DIY Acoustic Panels

2 minute read

I was finally able to move into my own house for the first time in a decade. This has allowed me to have my own music room. It was a hobby rooom that is abou...

Useful Equipment

10 minute read

I’ve seen this come up a few times from beginners about where to start. Since I have only been at this a couple of month’s I thought I would put together a l...


3 minute read

I just wanted a place to put the amplifiers that I currently have to use. This may actually become an equipment page. Ideally I would like to start doing liv...

Blinking Eye for the Johnny 5 Storm Pedal

2 minute read

So I have been working on my Johnny 5 pedal for a few months. Mostly aesthetics. It is a clone of the Solo Dallas Storm. The PCB is from PedalPCB and is call...

Wampler Ratsbane OpAmp Comparison

less than 1 minute read

I picked up one of Wampler’s Ratsbane pedals after seeing his youtube video about it. In the video he talks about the fact that he socketed the opamp so that...

Useful Parts

1 minute read

Over the last year I have collecting links that I have found useful. Hopefully you will too.

Pedal Building Information

6 minute read

Here is a collection of links to resources for all phases of pedal building, from circuit design to finishing the enclosure.

Pedal Companies

1 minute read

These are the makers of the effects we all know and love. This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to let me know about other companies that should be on th...

The Creation of Clyde

1 minute read

Clyde is a mascot on my site and in my photos. You will see him often. He is special to me because I made him while spending time with my mother in a retirem...