I just wanted a place to put the amplifiers that I currently have to use. This may actually become an equipment page. Ideally I would like to start doing live streams. Not so people can hear my playing but tso that they can see what DIY pedals sound like. I would like people to be able to hear what it might possibly sound like on their equipment.

Guitar Amps

Marshall JCM800

This is a mid 1980s JCM800 half stack. I could give the exact date if I wanted to go find the receipt. This was my first amp.

My starting equipment I now realize was better than I ever had any right owning. I got them because I had gone through a window at a gootball camp and ended up with a little money to spend. I also got a pinky on my fretting hand that I couldn’t feel or control. I will tell you. I would have reather had shit equipment and a working hand. I was finally able to start to using my pinky in my mid 40s and now in my early 50s have a little more control. I still can’t really feel if I am touching an adjacent string.

I have been dragging this Marshall across the country with me for more than 35 years. I’ve had the head fly out of a car I rolled end over end in Ohio when traveling from NY to San Fransisco. I am really happy to still have it because I do not have any of the guitars from that time.

Mezzabarba Skill30

I know in the previous section I stated I am in my 50s. Well I also just graduated from college. The skill 30 was a present to myself after working for a year at the job I got out of college. It is never too late to learn. I had my Marshall in the house but it is not a modern metal amp. I didn’t really have many pedals at the time (unlike now). So I wanted a new amp.

I had been going to the Axe Palace in Walpole and had been introduced to many new amps and sounds. This was one of my favorites. About 6 months after getting the amp I picked up the ENGL 2X12 with vintage 30s. I love the sound of this amp and most of the pedals in my shorts are through the clean channel.

After the purchases at Axe Palace I got a job a a big music instrument retailer for the weekends. The discounts are great and that is where I picked up the Mesa Boogie 2X12, also with vintage 30s. It had come in used and I just had to pick it up. The Mesa Boogie and ENGL both have a unique sound that belnds really well. They are piggybacked out of the Captor 16 for attentuation.

Fender Blues Jr

The retail job also allowed me to get all the rest of the guitars and pedals that I own. One of the things I purchased was a Fender Blues Jr to try to get some more classic guitar tones. Not just banging out metal riffs all the time.

This is now the second most played amp I have. I need to get it out of that corner. I think I would use it more often if I was able to get to it a little easier.

Bass Amp

Markbass Little Mark 250

When I know that my time at the retail store was coming towards an end my boss kept me on as long as possible so that I would have a change to purchase everything I wanted with my discounts. One of those things was this bass rig. Its a nice little amp. A 2X10 and a 1X15 cabinet. This is what I play all the bass through.