Let me start off by saying I love the PedalPCB community. The forum is an excellent place to get help, show off, and talk about pedals and building. I would classify pedalPCB as being more for the intermediate and above pedal builder. I believe that most of the board are based on traces that they have done themselves. They are meant to be accurate representations of the pedals they are compared to.

The documentaion has the basics:

  • Picture of board
  • Parts and location
  • Schematic
  • Wiring diagram
  • Drill template

There is no writeup about the pedal. You will not even get what is it a clone of, you will beed to go to the site for that. Part sourcing and/or substitution are also not in the document, you will have to check the forum. You will also periodically get a “look at the data sheet”. And while some might see that as harsh… it is really good advice and I have learned more from looking up datasheets and searching google to answer my own questions.

The people on the board are great at helping out as well, and Mr. PedalPCB is very helpful and open to suggestions (like putting the labels on the drill template so I know how to label my bulds, thank you).

PedalPCB is in no way associated with Pandemic Pedals or Pachyderm Pedals I just like his products.

Updated: November 2, 2022

Name Compare To SKU Build Doc
5lb Bag Fuzz Lovepedal 200lbs of Gold (Fuzz Side) PCB488 Download
6-Band EQ 6-Band EQ PCB338 Download
6-Band EQ (Potentiometer Version) 6-Band EQ PCB369 Download
ADHD Overdrive Fulltone OCD PCB542 Build docs coming soon…
Abider Overdrive J.Rockett The Dude PCB295 Download
Abyss EQD The Depths PCB024 Download
Acer Overdrive Altero Kaede PCB528 Download
Acetylene Overdrive Wampler Thirty Something PCB430 Download
Acid Rain Fuzz PedalPCB Original Fuzz PCB195 Download
Acrylic Overdrive Wampler Plexi-Drive PCB442 Download
Actual Overdrive Jr Actual guitar players only! PCB312 Download
Aft Preamp EQD Bows PCB346 Download
Aloysius Fuzz ZVex Mastotron Fuzz PCB471 Build docs coming soon…
Amentum Boost EQD Arrows PCB231 Download
Ample Alpaca Overdrive Way Huge Red Llama (25th Anniv) PCB494 Build docs coming soon…
Angry Andy JHS Andy Timmons Drive PCB046 Download
Angry Andy Plus JHS AT+ PCB163 Download
Angry Charles JHS Angry Charlie v3 PCB056 Download
Antithesis Fuzz Catalinbread Karma Suture PCB392 Download
Aphrodite Overdrive ProAnalog Devices Manticore v2 PCB453 Build docs coming soon…
Apple Fritter Fuzz BearFoot FX Candy Apple Fuzz PCB273 Download
Arachnid MultiFX Platform FV-1 Digital MultiFX   Download
Arcana Distortion Fulltone Secret Freq PCB041 Download
Arche Boost ThorpyFX Heavy Water PCB450 Download
Argentum 1212 Preamp Jackson Audio 1484 Twin Twelve PCB520 Build docs coming soon…
Arkaim Fuzz Mountainking Megalith PCB097 Download
Auditorium Test Platform Pedal testing platform AUDITORIUM Download
Aurum Drive Friedman Golden Pearl PCB192 Download
Awful Waffle Crowther Hotcake PCB151 Download
B-Side Fuzz Mid-Fi Demo Tape Fuzz PCB030 Download
BB Gun Overdrive Mr Black BB-74x PCB215 Download
BBW BBE Sonic Stomp PCB116 Download
Backfeeder Boss DF-2 Super Distortion & Feedbacker PCB171 Download
Bad Mamma Jamma Distortion MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion PCB495 Build docs coming soon…
Basic Relay Bypass Relay Bypass Module PCB393 Download
Basic Relay Bypass (Latching) Relay Bypass Module PCB394 Download
Basic Relay DPDT Switch Relay Switching Module PCB518 Build docs coming soon…
Basic Relay DPDT Switch (Latching) Relay Switching Module PCB519 Build docs coming soon…
Bastion Overdrive Mojo Hand FX Rook PCB323 Download
Battery Box Micro Battery Box PCB458 Build docs coming soon…
Bayonet Fuzz Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz PCB248 Download
Bedrock Overdrive Jetter BR 1200 PCB289 Download
Bellum Fuzz MKI Death By Audio Fuzz War PCB363 Download
Bellum Fuzz MKII Death By Audio Fuzz War II PCB381 Download
Betty Boost Friedman Buxom Boost PCB063 Download
Binaura Stereo FV-1 Platform Stereo FV-1 Multi-Effects PCB327 Build docs coming soon…
Black Tiger Boost Mr Black Boost Tiger PCB216 Download
Blender Fender Blender PCB029 Download
Bloodshot Overdrive Heavy Electronics Red Eyes PCB200 Download
Blue Breaker Marshall Bluesbreaker PCB007 Download
Blue Shoe Gai Pan Distortion JHS PG-14 PCB307 Download
Blue Waffle OD Freekish Blues Alpha Drive PCB235 Download
Blues Captain Overdrive MI Blue Boy Deluxe PCB438 Download
Blues Lawyer Overdrive MI Audio Super Blues Pro PCB358 Download
Bohemia Catalinbread Galileo MkII PCB057 Download
Bolide Distortion ENGL Powerball Distortion PCB403 Download
Boogie Monster Dr. Boogie Preamp PCB277 Download
Bootleg Overdrive JHS Moonshine V2 PCB292 Download
Boteh Drive Wampler Paisley Drive PCB336 Download
Box 66 DAM 1966 PCB110 Download
Box and All EQ EQD Tone Job PCB384 Download
Breakstreet Overdrive Sobbat Drive Breaker DB-1 PCB108 Download
Brown Betty Friedman BE-OD and Dirty Shirley PCB050 Download
Brownout Overdrive Subdecay Variac PCB418 Download
BuGGFX Daydream BuGGFX Daydream   Download
BuGGFX Raincoat BuGGFX Raincoat PCB008 Download
BuGGFX Raincoat Module for Jackson Audio FUZZ Fuzz Module PCB457 Build docs coming soon…
Bullrush Overdrive Providence Stampede SOV-2 PCB106 Download
Buzz Tone Fuzz Selmer Buzz Tone PCB334 Download
Byrdhouse Compressor JangleBox PCB165 Download
Byzantium Flanger Boss BF-2 PCB447 Build docs coming soon…
C-Buffer C-Style Buffer PCB096 Download
CDXL Classic Envelope Filter DOD Envelope Filter 440 PCB264 Build docs coming soon…
CDXL Reissue Envelope Filter DOD 440 Reissue Envelope Filter PCB282 Download
Caboose Overdrive Vertex TDrive PCB265 Download
Caesar Chorus Walrus Audio Julia PCB359 Download
Cannon Fodder MKI Distortion Caroline Wave Cannon MKI PCB475 Build docs coming soon…
Cannon Fodder MKII Distortion Caroline Wave Cannon MKII PCB487 Build docs coming soon…
Captain Bit EQD Bit Commander PCB162 Download
Carbon Black Fuzz EQD Black Ash Fuzz PCB341 Download
Carcass Fuzz DOD Carcosa Fuzz PCB048 Download
Carmine Overdrive EQD Crimson Drive PCB314 Download
Cataclysm Delay EQD Disaster Transport Jr PCB028 Download
Cattle Driver Buffalo FX TD-X PCB094 Download
Celestial Drive DMB Pedals Stellar Drive PCB009 Download
Celsius Preamp Boss CE-1 Preamp PCB481 Build docs coming soon…
Cepheid Chorus Boss CE-2 Chorus PCB416 Download
Cetus Preamp Victory V1 The Kraken PCB538 Build docs coming soon…
Chalumeau MidFi Clari(not) Fuzz Version PCB077 Download
Champ Stamp Overdrive Great Eastern FX Co Small Speaker Overdrive PCB490 Download
Chaos Machine EQD Interstellar Orbiter PCB220 Download
Chauffeur Overdrive Shnobel Tone Daily Driver Overdrive PCB387 Download
CheeseMonger Fuzz Lovetone Big Cheese PCB269 Download
Chela Overdrive EQD Talons PCB091 Download
Chickenhead DAM Red Rooster PCB109 Download
Chop Shop Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop PCB051 Download
Chrome Dome Distortion GTC Bloody Finger PCB136 Download
Circulator EQD Grand Orbiter PCB245 Download
Clandestine Preamp Chase Tone Secret Preamp PCB433 Download
Classic 52 Fuzz DOD FX52 Classic Fuzz PCB164 Download
Cleaver Keeley Katana Boost PCB068 Download
Closed Circuit Booster Limiter SoloDallas Storm PCB280 Download
Cobalt Drive Boss BD-2 Blues Driver PCB078 Download
Cobbler Preamp Victory V1 Copper PCB540 Build docs coming soon…
Cold Turkey EQ H.B.E. Detox EQ PCB199 Download
Complex Overdrive Friedman Smallbox Overdrive PCB371 Download
Comprehensive Drive Free the Tone String Slinger PCB423 Download
Conqueror Fuzz Jext Telez White Pedal PCB255 Download
Constrictor Demeter Compulator PCB089 Download
Contact Overdrive J.Rockett Touch OD PCB225 Download
Corduroy Fuzz Wampler Velvet Fuzz PCB093 Build docs coming soon…
Counterweight OD GasPedals DumbBell PCB095 Download
Covert Overdrive Catalinbread DLS MKIII PCB170 Download
CrackleJack Zzzz Crackle Booster PCB085 Download
Crankshaft Distortion EQD Speaker Cranker PCB436 Download
Cream Pie Fuzz Frantone Cream Puff PCB271 Download
Cross Contaminator EQD Dirt Transmitter PCB145 Download
Crunch Captain MI Audio Crunch Box PCB290 Download
Crunch Captain Deluxe MI Audio Super Crunch Box V2 PCB315 Download
Crystal Drive EQD Chrysalis PCB006 Download
Crystal Lettuce Overdrive (Black Edition) British Pedal Co Dumble Blackface Overdrive Special PCB515 Build docs coming soon…
Crystal Lettuce Overdrive (Silver Edition) British Pedal Co Dumble Silverface Overdrive Special PCB516 Build docs coming soon…
Cujo Fuzz Suhr Rufus Fuzz PCB388 Download
Cyborg Drive Ibanez CD5 Cyberdrive PCB005 Download
D3lay FV-1 Digital Delay   Download
DMD-2 Digital Modulated Delay BuGGFX DMD-2 Digital Modulated Delay PCB052 Download
Danae Overdrive Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Overdrive PCB505 Download
Danube Fuzz Skreddy P19 PCB188 Download
Dark Esbat Boost Black Country Customs TI-Boost PCB357 Download
Dark Rift Delay EQD Space Spiral PCB285 Download
Death Cap FuzzHugger Doom Bloom PCB185 Download
Decadence Preamp Peavey Decade Preamp PCB511 Build docs coming soon…
Deflector Reverb Digital Reverb PCB298 Download
Defouler Distortion Boss DF-2 Distortion PCB183 Download
Delegate Compressor EQD The Warden PCB234 Download
Delegate Compressor (Boneyard Edition) EQD The Warden PCB339 Download
Deofol Overdrive OKKO Diablo PCB173 Build docs coming soon…
Depot Fuzz EQD Terminal Fuzz PCB340 Download
Derailer Overdrive Ethos TWE-1 PCB123 Download
Desolate Fuzz Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise PCB304 Download
Dingo Distortion VFE Alpha Dog PCB186 Download
Dirt Dauber Sub-Octave Fuzz Beetronics Whoctahell PCB491 Download
Dirty Sanchez OD Friedman Dirty Shirley PCB043 Download
Disarray Distortion Suhr Riot Reloaded PCB194 Download
Distortion 250 MXR Distortion+ / DOD Overdrive 250 Preamp PCB036 Download
Distortr Zzzz Tron Distortion PCB014 Download
Double Entendre Fuzz EHX Double Muff PCB440 Build docs coming soon…
Double Jeopardy Boost JHS Solo Boost PCB512 Build docs coming soon…
Doxie Preamp Victory V1 The Duchess PCB539 Build docs coming soon…
Dragons Breath Boost Catalinbread Naga Viper Boost PCB402 Download
Dream Fuzz EHX Op-Amp Big Muff Pi (Reissue) PCB010 Download
Drive 55 Catalinbread Formula 55 PCB344 Download
Dual Effects Loop Switch Dual Effects Loop Switcher PCB409 Download
Duck Box Envelope Filter Guyatone WR3 Wah Rocker PCB400 Download
Dunder Chief Distortion Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed™ PCB167 Download
Dung Beetle Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe PCB113 Download
Duo-Phase Mu-Tron Bi-Phase PCB143 Download
Duocast Hudson Broadcast (Dual Footswitch) PCB326 Download
Duocast Mini Hudson Broadcast (Dual Footswitch) PCB419 Build docs coming soon…
Dwarven Hammer Horizon Nano Attack / Precision Drive PCB210 Download
Dynasty Distortion BearFoot Dyna Red Distortion PCB240 Download
EVPreamp Uni-Vibe Preamp PCB483 Download
El Sol Distortion EQD Acapulco Gold® PCB385 Download
ElectroVibe Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe PCB422 Download
ElectroVibe Mini Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe PCB448 Build docs coming soon…
Ember Boost TC Spark Booster PCB201 Download
Emu Amp Simulator Amp Simulator PCB262 Download
End-All Red Overdrive Randall RRED Overdrive PCB408 Download
Episode Booster Xotic EP Booster PCB398 Download
Equilux Equalizer Spaceman Effects Equinox PCB527 Build docs coming soon…
Ermahgerd! Fuzz J.Rockett WTF PCB278 Download
Eternal Burst Lovepedal Eternity Burst PCB023 Download
Executive Fuzz Jordan Boss Tone PCB027 Download
FDIC Boost Fulltone 2B PCB437 Download
FET City Drive Friedman Motor City Drive PCB073 Download
FV-1 Clock Module Clock module for FV-1 PCB196 Download
FV-1 Development PCB FV-1 MultiFX with USB PCB197 Download
FX5X Distortion / Overdrive DOD FX-50B, FX-53, FX-55B PCB300 Download
Face Melter Steel Panther Pussy Melter PCB180 Download
Fat Bottom Boost Ibanez BB9 Big Bottom Boost PCB497 Build docs coming soon…
Fat Piggy Pigtronix Fat Drive PCB117 Download
Finale Overdrive Fulltone Hi-Mu PCB532 Build docs coming soon…
Flock Harmonizing Fuzz Beetronics Swarm PCB506 Build docs coming soon…
Flugelhorn Noel Cornet Revu PCB087 Download
FreakZEQ Spontaneous Audio Devices Son of Kong PCB427 Download
Friendly Fire Fuzz Shin Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz PCB246 Download
Frost Drive VFE Ice Scream PCB175 Download
Fuchsia Fuzz Bearfoot FX Pink Purple Fuzz PCB268 Download
Fuzz Aldrin Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe PCB187 Download
Fuzz Captain MI Audio GI Fuzz PCB380 Download
Fuzz Foundry 5-knob Fuzz PCB016 Download
Fuzz Foundry Deluxe Fuzz Foundry on Steroids PCB328 Download
Fuzz Stain Sam Ash Fuzz-Stainer PCB260 Download
Fuzz XIII Basic Audio Lucky Number PCB348 Download
Fuzzy Fox fOXX Tone Machine PCB274 Download
Gadget Fuzz The Machine PCB325 Download
Gauss Drive Mesa/Boogie Flux Drive PCB288 Download
General Tso’s Compressor ThorpyFX Fat General PCB309 Download
Gerkin Fuzz Way Huge Swollen Pickle PCB150 Download
Germanium II Distortion Cornish G-2 PCB286 Download
Glory Hole Overdrive JHS Morning Glory PCB299 Download
Glue Factory Overdrive Pro Tone Dead Horse PCB236 Download
Gnat Fuzz Burns Buzzaround PCB229 Download
Golden Falk Overdrive Colombo Plexi Breed PCB455 Download
Graphite Distortion Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion PCB239 Build docs coming soon…
Gravitation Reverb EQD Levitation Reverb PCB444 Download
Greengage Overdrive EQD Plumes™ PCB254 Download
Grover Drive Hermida Audio Dover Drive PCB004 Download
Guardian OD ThorpyFX Peacekeeper OD PCB191 Download
Guvernator Distortion Marshall Guv’nor PCB296 Download
HAARP EQD Arpanoid PCB161 Download
Hatchet Overdrive Greer Tomahawk Deluxe Drive PCB389 Download
Headphone Amplifier Headphone Amplifier PCB513 Build docs coming soon…
Heavy Spider Epider Sound Heavy Metal PCB104 Download
Hen’s Tooth Distortion Ibanez SK-10 Visual Super Product PCB500 Build docs coming soon…
Honeysuckle Overdrive CKK Scream Honey PCB484 Download
Hwut Fuzz Hiwatt Custom Shop Filter Fuzz PCB473 Build docs coming soon…
Hydra Delay Multi-Head Delay PCB238 Download
Hylian Fuzz Devi Ever Legend of Fuzz PCB066 Download
Hyped Boost Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz (Clean Boost mode) PCB178 Download
Hyped Fuzz Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz PCB155 Download
Improved Bypass Module for ADHD Overdrive Buffered Bypass Module PCB543 Build docs coming soon…
Incredible Machine Distortion Snake Oil Marvellous Engine Distortion PCB350 Download
InfiniDrive John Hollis OmniDrive PCB204 Download
Informant Overdrive PCB224 Download
Insurgent Octave Fuzz Electro-Faustus Guitar Disruptor PCB531 Build docs coming soon…
Integral Preamp TC Integrated Preamp PCB177 Download
Intelligent DPDT Relay Module Relay Bypass Module PCB396 Build docs coming soon…
Intelligent Relay Bypass Module Relay Bypass Module PCB395 Download
Ionizer Fuzz Devi Ever Hyperion PCB065 Download
Ionizer2 Fuzz Devi Ever Hyperion2 PCB101 Download
Ionosphere Hovercraft Ionostrofear PCB062 Download
Irrlicht Overdrive EQD White Light PCB407 Download
Isosceles Boost Fortin Grind / 33 PCB213 Download
Je T’aime Lovepedal JTM PCB103 Download
Jet Drive Ibanez JD9 Jet Driver PCB059 Download
Jump Drive LPD Sixty8 PCB508 Download
Kalle Lovepedal Karl PCB074 Download
Kazoo Basic Audio Zippy PCB011 Download
Kickstart Distortion Motley Crue Dr Feelgood Distortion PCB441 Download
Kilimanjaro Fuzz DAM FZ-673 PCB158 Download
Kinetic Fuzz Keeley Psi Fuzz PCB263 Download
King Midas Overdrive Keeley El Rey Dorado PCB138 Download
Kings Hand Overdrive King Tone HeavyHand PCB345 Build docs coming soon…
Kliche Buffer Standalone Klon-style Buffer PCB156 Build docs coming soon…
Kliché Boost Archer Clean PCB142 Download
Kliché Mini Klon Centaur PCB099 Download
Kliché Overdrive Klon Centaur PCB003 Download
Lamb Chop Way Huge Pork Loin PCB090 Download
Lemonade Overdrive Lumpy’s Tone Shop Lemon Drop / ZII / Series 7 PCB035 Download
Lenora Boost J.Rockett Lenny PCB310 Download
Leprechaun EQD Rainbow Machine™ PCB233 Download
Little Biastard Fuzz PedalPCB Custom Shop PCB476 Build docs coming soon…
Little Debbie Friedman BE-OD and Dirty Shirley PCB130 Download
Little Green Scream Machine Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer PCB037 Download
LoFi-nator Ibanez LF7 Lo-Fi Filter PCB129 Download
Lone King Overdrive King Tone Soloist PCB342 Download
Low Tide Mini Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water PCB467 Build docs coming soon…
Low Tide Modulator Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water PCB406 Download
Lowballer Twin Envelope Filter Electro-Harmonix Bassballs PCB477 Download
Luxury 763 Overdrive Lovepedal Blackface Deluxe PCB364 Download
Lycan Overdrive Highwind Amplification Collaboration PCB509 Build docs coming soon…
M800 Overdrive PAL 800 JCM Emulator PCB247 Download
MDMA OD Wampler Ecstacy/Euphoria PCB160 Download
MOSFET Driver BK Butler Tube Driver PCB053 Download
Mach 1 Overdrive Greer Lightspeed Overdrive PCB212 Download
Magnetron Delay Keeley Magnetic Echo PCB119 Download
Mahayana Drive Hermida Audio Zendrive PCB203 Download
Malachite Overdrive Green Channel Overdrive PCB250 Download
Maleficent Mids JHS Haunting Mids PCB054 Download
Mammal J. Rockett Animal PCB060 Download
Mantle Fuzz MXR Blue Box PCB218 Download
Marble Drive Ramble FX Marvel Drive PCB115 Download
Marigold Fuzz Sola Sound Yellow Hybrid Tone Bender PCB404 Download
Marsh Fuzz Deep Trip BOG PCB125 Download
Master Fuzz Ace Tone FM-2 PCB261 Download
Mean Green Metal Machine Fortin Modded TS808 Tube Screamer PCB510 Build docs coming soon…
Mercurial Boost Catalinbread Varioboost PCB124 Download
Mesmerizer Catalinbread Pareidolia PCB013 Download
Mini Heterodyne Receiver EQD Data Corrupter™ PCB102 Download
Mini-Muffin Fuzz EHX Muff Fuzz PCB287 Download
Minidrive Fulltone Full-Drive1 PCB032 Download
Minnow Maestro FSH-1 Filter Sample / Hold PCB367 Download
Mister Fuzz Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone PCB401 Download
Module8 FV-1 Multi-Modulation   Download
Modus Operandi Boost Jackson Audio Amp Mode PCB454 Download
Mofeta Preamp EAE Model feT PCB107 Download
Mojito Deluxe Overdrive (Boneyard Edition) PedalPCB Custom Shop PCB431 Download
Monarch Distortion Wampler Sovereign PCB152 Download
Moonshot Tremolo Shoot the Moon Tremolo PCB303 Download
Mouton Fuzz Fender Pelt PCB330 Download
Muffin Factory Highly Configurable Fuzz PCB214 Download
Muffin Fuzz EHX Big Muff Pi PCB012 Download
Muffler Noise Gate MXR Noise Gate PCB217 Download
Muroidea Distortion ProCo Rat PCB038 Download
Mutagen Fuzz Basic Audio Fuzz Mutant PCB468 Build docs coming soon…
Muzzle (Classic) Fortin Zuul PCB198 Download
Mystery Machine Castledine Magical Mystery Box PCB329 Download
Mystery Meat Overdrive Tastes like Horse PCB541 Build docs coming soon…
Narcissus Overdrive DOD Looking Glass Overdrive PCB424 Download
Neurocyton Preamp Greer Amps Soma 63 PCB456 Download
Nobleman Overdrive Nobels ODR-1 PCB284 Download
Noise Tank Distortion Ibanez BN5 Black Noise Distortion PCB496 Build docs coming soon…
NuDrive Korg NuTube Based Overdrive PCB084 Download
Nucleus Overdrive XTS Atomic Overdrive PCB372 Download
Nugget Fuzz Cornish NG-2 PCB153 Download
Oasis EQD Dunes PCB083 Download
Obsidius Preamp Darkglass B3K PCB159 Download
Ocelot Octave Boss OC-2 PCB362 Download
Octa Mayer Fuzz Roger Mayer Octavia PCB308 Download
Octagon MultiFX FV-1 Digital MultiFX   Download
Octanaut ZVex Jonny Octave PCB076 Download
Organ Donor EQD Organizer PCB042 Download
Oroku Drive Marshall Shred Master PCB306 Download
Oxide Distortion Ibanez MT10 Mostortion PCB318 Download
Pacifier DOD FX76 Punkifier PCB184 Download
Pandora’s Box Bixonic Expandora PCB149 Download
Panspermia Fuzz Seppuku Space Fuzz PCB112 Download
Paper Scratcher Fuzz EHX Ripped Speaker Fuzz PCB374 Download
ParaPhrase Parametric EQ 3-Band Parametric EQ PCB460 Build docs coming soon…
Paradise Overdrive Lovepedal Jubilee PCB105 Download
Paragon Analogman King of Tone PCB018 Download
Paragon Mini Analogman King of Tone PCB166 Download
Parasite Wah Tycobrahe Parapedal Wah PCB243 Download
Parentheses Fuzz EQD Life pedal PCB237 Download
Parentheses Mini Fuzz EQD Life pedal PCB258 Download
Pariah Mid-Boost Way Huge Tone Leper PCB446 Download
Park and Ride Dunlop Q-Zone PCB226 Download
Parthenon Overdrive Wampler Pantheon PCB169 Download
Pathogen Distortion Abasi Pathos PCB412 Download
Pauper Analogman Prince of Tone PCB017 Download
Peachtree Overdrive Missing Link Audio Hotlanta Dual Drive PCB499 Download
PedalBlock Tone Control Retro-fit Tone Control 6-10-5 Download
Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo Harmonic Tremolo PCB368 Download
Percolation Station InterFax Harmonic Percolator PCB207 Download
Perpetua PCB405 Build docs coming soon…
Pharmacist Overdrive Aclam Dr. Robert PCB426 Download
Phase II Mu-Tron Phasor II PCB033 Download
Phoenix Ultra Overdrive Vertex Ultraphonix Overdrive PCB275 Download
Photon Vibe Lovepedal Vibronaut PCB118 Download
Pineapple Distortion Wampler Pinnacle PCB144 Download
Pipe Stretcher Overdrive Dinosaural Tube Bender PCB347 Download
Pitch Witch MidFi Pitch Pirate Deluxe PCB075 Download
Plaid Preamp Funny Little Boxes 1991 PCB461 Download
Plecostomus Fuzz FuzzHugger Algal Bloom PCB179 Download
Polar Cap Fuzz Pettyjohn Rail PCB417 Download
PolyHog Pigtronix PolySaturator PCB034 Download
PopTop Boost J.Rockett Hightop Boost PCB230 Download
Pot and Kettle Overdrive Snouse Blackbox Overdrive 2 PCB489 Build docs coming soon…
Powder Blue Overdrive King Tone Blues Power PCB443 Download
Power I/O Module Power I/O Module PCB291 Download
Power I/O Module (Flush Mounted) Power I/O Module (Flush Mount) PCB429 Build docs coming soon…
Powersound Boost Colorsound Power Boost PCB530 Build docs coming soon…
Powersound Overdrive Colorsound Overdriver PCB088 Build docs coming soon…
Prince Albert Overdrive Catalinbread RAH PCB333 Download
Pro-10 Blue Overdrive Browne Amplification Protein Pedal (Blue Channel) PCB382 Download
Pro-10 Dual Overdrive Browne Amplification Protein Pedal PCB121 Build docs coming soon…
Pro-10 Green Overdrive Browne Amplification Protein Pedal (Green Channel) PCB383 Download
Pro-Filter Anderton Super Tone Control PCB148 Download
Procrastinator Boss SG-1 Slow Gear PCB100 Download
Promethium Distortion Boss HM-2 PCB222 Download
Propolis Fuzz TMR Bumble Buzz PCB266 Download
Proposition Distortion Rockman Ultimatum Distortion Generator PCB504 Build docs coming soon…
ProtoBoard Integrated Prototyping Board PROTOBOARD Download
ProtoBoard Micro Integrated Prototyping Board 6-7-6 Build docs coming soon…
Provocateur Fuzz Fulltone Catalyst PCB293 Download
Pulse Wave Fuzz Univox Square Wave Fuzz PCB206 Download
Pumbaa Distortion ThorpyFX Warthog Distortion PCB472 Build docs coming soon…
Pyrocumulus Fuzz ThorpyFX Fallout Cloud PCB122 Download
Pythagoras MultiFX Platform FV-1 Digital MultiFX   Download
Quarantine Fuzz Quarantine Fuzz PCB320 Download
Radium Springs PedalPCB Spring Reverb   Download
RangeFinder Range Booster PCB283 Download
Recycler Overdrive Missing Link Audio Eliminator Overdrive PCB498 Download
Red Herring Overdrive Menatone Red Snapper PCB373 Download
ReproFuzz Supro 1304 Fuzz PCB174 Download
Resinite Overdrive Mad Professor Amber Overdrive PCB428 Download
Roboto Death By Audio Robot PCB069 Download
Rock Star Distortion Colombo Pedals Rocker 83 PCB502 Build docs coming soon…
Rosemary Fuzz SolidGoldFX Rosie Fuzz PCB390 Download
Runoffgroove Condor Cab Sim Runoffgroove Condor Cab Sim PCB522 Build docs coming soon…
Runoffgroove Thor Runoffgroove Thor PCB524 Build docs coming soon…
Runoffgroove Twenty-Two Sevenths Runoffgroove Twenty-Two Sevenths PCB521 Build docs coming soon…
Runoffgroove Umble Runoffgroove Umble PCB523 Build docs coming soon…
SMD Scream Machine Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer PCB465 Build docs coming soon…
SOFTii Overdrive Catalinbread SFT PCB098 Download
Sabbath Distortion Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra PCB039 Download
Samadhi Overdrive StudioDaydream Dhyana PCB414 Download
Samurai Way Huge Drive (Geisha Drive) PCB047 Download
Sandspur Fuzz Analogman Sunface BC108 PCB378 Download
Sanguine Distortion Red Channel Overdrive PCB209 Download
Saturnine Distortion Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion PCB421 Download
Schadenfreude Distortion Electro-Faustus EF-111 Guitardammerung Distortion PCB189 Download
Scythe Fuzz EQD Tone Reaper PCB227 Download
Sea Horse EQD Sea Machine PCB025 Download
Sea Monk Overdrive VFE Merman PCB316 Download
Seabed Delay Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay PCB026 Download
Seashore Overdrive Seafoam Lowtide PCB464 Download
Semi-Sweet Distortion Cornish SS-2 PCB111 Download
Semi-Sweet Distortion 3 Cornish SS-3 PCB294 Download
Seyfoam Overdrive Seymour Duncan 805™ PCB297 Download
ShamWah! Vertex Axis Wah PCB281 Download
Sherwood Drive EQD Westwood PCB092 Download
Shika Fuzz EQD Hizumitas Fuzz PCB452 Download
Shrapnel Overdrive ThorpyFX Gunshot OD PCB379 Download
Simple JFET Buffer JFET Buffer PCB321 Download
Simple JFET Buffer (SMD) JFET Buffer PCB322 Download
Simulcast Hudson Broadcast PCB146 Build docs coming soon…
Six String Stinger Vertex Steel String Clean Drive PCB086 Download
Skylight Overdrive Mad Professor Sky Blue OD PCB139 Download
Sliver Overdrive Barber Electronics LTD PCB181 Download
Snuffy Fuzz ZVex Woolly Mammoth Fuzz PCB470 Build docs coming soon…
Soldat Distortion Providence Stampede SDT-2 PCB147 Download
Solenoid Overdrive Xotic Soul Driven PCB279 Download
Son of Ben Preamp Benson Preamp PCB251 Download
Sorcerer Distortion Castledine The Wizard PCB259 Download
Soul Vendor Fulltone Soul Bender PCB242 Download
Sour Grape Fuzz Keeley Rotten Apple PCB131 Download
Southern Belle Overdrive Greer Southland Overdrive PCB352 Download
Spatialist Reverb Multi-Reverb Effect   Download
Special K Distortion EQD Special Cranker PCB479 Download
Special Overdrive Shin’s Music Dumbloid PCB044 Download
Speedy Gonzales Fulltone Mas Malo PCB055 Download
Spillway Vibrato Multi-Vibrato Effect PCB253 Build docs coming soon…
Spin FV-1 IC (Pre-Soldered) Spin FV-1 Digital Reverb IC SPINFV1 Build docs coming soon…
Spirit Box EQD Ghost Echo PCB141 Download
Splendiferous Overdrive Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive PCB517 Build docs coming soon…
Sproing Deluxe Reverb Spring Reverb with Tremolo PCB485 Build docs coming soon…
Sproing Reverb J.Rockett Boing PCB459 Download
Squidward EQD Tentacle PCB082 Download
Starboard Fuzz Mosrite FUZZrite PCB135 Download
Station Wah Fixed Wah PCB377 Download
Stockade Overdrive EQD Palisades PCB219 Download
Stringer Overdrive NuX String Singer PCB415 Download
Sugarbag Overdrive Beetronics Fat Bee PCB370 Download
Sunflower Fuzz Analogman Sunface PCB031 Download
Super Stevie Overdrive Lovepedal Super Six “Stevie Mod” Overdrive PCB324 Download
Super ’64 Overdrive JHS Superbolt PCB276 Download
SuperHeterodyne Receiver EQD Data Corrupter™ PCB208 Download
SuperNuva Inspired by the Nuverdrive+ PCB064 Download
Superflare Fuzz Diamond Fireburst Fuzz PCB462 Build docs coming soon…
Symbolic Overdrive Mad Professor Simble Overdrive PCB319 Download
SynchroTrem Tremolo ZVEX Seek Trem PCB492 Build docs coming soon…
SynchroWah ZVEX Seek Wah PCB493 Build docs coming soon…
System Overdrive Systech Overdrive PCB302 Download
Tantric Overdrive Blackout Effectors Mantra PCB256 Download
Tater Tot Barber Electronics Small Fry PCB182 Download
TearJerker Wah Tweakable Wah Pedal PCB241 Download
Teddy Rupture Fuzz KMA Fuzzly Bear PCB072 Download
Tellurian Drive Sarno Earth Drive PCB525 Build docs coming soon…
Terrarium Electrosmith Daisy Interface PCB351 Download
The Bobby Preamp Victory V1 The Sheriff PCB537 Build docs coming soon…
The Clap Clapton Mid Boost PCB157 Download
The Creamery Compressor DOD FX84 Milk Box PCB301 Download
The Fingers Overdrive Discrete Overdrive PCB478 Build docs coming soon…
The Gent Overdrive Lovepedal Englishman Overdrive PCB397 Download
The John Preamp Victory V1 The Jack PCB536 Build docs coming soon…
Thermionic Deluxe Dual-channel Thermionic Distortion PCB221 Download
Thermionic Distortion Friedman BE-OD PCB001 Download
ThreeVerb FV-1 Digital Reverb   Download
Thumb Sucker Compressor Engineer’s Thumb Compressor PCB137 Download
Thunder Pipe Fuzz Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Fuzz PCB349 Download
Titania2 Fuzz Spaceman Titan II PCB081 Download
Tommy III Paul Cochrane Timmy V3 PCB021 Download
Tone Vendor MKI Sola Sound Tone Bender MKI PCB020 Download
Tone Vendor MKII Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII PCB067 Download
Topographer Distortion Intersound IVP Tube Voice Distortion PCB432 Build docs coming soon…
Toupee Fuzz Catalinbread Merkin Fuzz PCB335 Download
Tower Overdrive Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive PCB120 Download
Transcendence Boost Creation Audio Labs MK.4.23 Clean Boost PCB445 Download
Trembling Loon Tremolo 4ms Tremulus Lune PCB311 Download
Triad Distortion JHS 3 Series Distortion PCB353 Download
Triad Fuzz JHS 3 Series Fuzz PCB355 Download
Triad Overdrive JHS 3 Series Overdrive PCB354 Download
Triangulum Boost Fortin 33 PCB205 Download
Trojan Horse VFE Dark Horse PCB272 Download
Trumpeter Paul Trombetta Mini-Bone PCB061 Download
Tweed Man Overdrive Catalinbread Formula 5F6 PCB190 Download
Tweed Sound ‘59 Tweed Overdrive PCB049 Download
Twill Deluxe Love Pedal Les Lius PCB252 Download
Twin Face Inspired by the Arbiter Fuzz Face PCB070 Download
Two Sticks of Derm Fuzz Doom Fuzz PCB305 Download
Tyrian Distortion Purple Channel Overdrive PCB211 Download
UberDrive Boss SD-1 PCB223 Download
Uberfuzz Univox Super-Fuzz PCB168 Download
Ultisol Distortion Dawner Prince Red Rox PCB337 Download
Unchained Overdrive Carl Martin Panama PCB375 Download
Underminer Sub-Octave Synthesizer Seppuku Sub-Octave Synth PCB360 Download
Ungula EQD Hoof PCB022 Download
UniCab DSM OmniCabSim PCB172 Download
Unison Double Tracker PedalPCB Double Tracker 2.0   Download
Urushiol Drive El Musico Loco Blisterlily PCB331 Download
UwotM8 Distortion EMMA electronic PisdiYAUwot PCB526 Build docs coming soon…
VHS JHS VCR PCB058-E Download
VIIB Vibrato Boss VB-2 Vibrato PCB420 Build docs coming soon…
Valhalla Distortion Diezel VH4 PCB045 Download
Valve Stem Overdrive MI Audio Tube Zone PCB343 Download
Van Pelt Drive JHS Charlie Brown v4 PCB071 Download
Vanquisher Fuzz Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion PCB232 Download
Viceroy Overdrive (Boneyard Edition) EQD Monarch Overdrive PCB386 Download
Waddle Box DOD FX25 Envelope Filter PCB154 Download
War Scythe EQD Hoof Reaper PCB228 Download
Whipped Cream Overdrive Aclam Woman Tone Overdrive PCB503 Build docs coming soon…
Wilhelm Scream Overdrive Discrete Overdrive PCB482 Build docs coming soon…
Windmill Overdrive Catalinbread WIIO PCB332 Download
Wonder Drive Airis Savage Drive PCB176 Download
Woodpecker Tremolo EQD Hummingbird PCB132 Download
Wrectifier Distortion Wampler Triple Wreck PCB040 Download
XB-MB Preamp Xotic BB Preamp Mid Boost PCB317 Download
XC Phase MXR Phase 90 PCB425 Download
XS Drive Xotic SL Drive PCB480 Build docs coming soon…
Xenolith Overdrive Jetter Pedal X PCB451 Build docs coming soon…
Zapper Systech Harmonic Energizer PCB244 Download
Zonkbox DAM Zonk Machine PCB128 Download