1997 Fender Stratocaster American Standard

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I was at Rainbow Guitars is Tuscon Arizona with my buddy that rebuilt the dumpster guitar for me. We were in our final year of grad school at University of Arizona and about to graduate. We had always gome and looked at guitars and had fun playing. He was into more classic Rock and I was an 80s Metalhead. It seems kind of backwards that he was getting me into classic rock considering I was almost twice his age.

A month or so earlier he had purchased an American strat and left it with me the weekend he bought because he was going home to visit family. I played that guitar all weekend and love the difference from the super strats and B.C.Rich guitars that I owned. On this day he picked up and showed me this purple american standard. He loved it but could not buy a second guitar so soon. I remembered how much I liked his and decided that this would make a nice graduation present for myself.

I am really glad I picked it up. It plays nice and gets tones like no other guitar I had at the time. I plan to use this for demoing the pedals I build now.