What can I say? I have always wanted a Timmy since I started collecting pedals. When I saw this one I knew I had to do a tribute to Timmy from South Park. He is a strong character and never lets a disability get in his way. And he looks great. This is a really nice pedal.

Build Report

This is the pedal where I learned that red acrylic paint when baked changes color. I believe what happens is that the red pigment is heavier so it sinks. I had to recolor in his shirt before clearcoating and applying epoxy. You can still see some of the discoloration in the title. My friend CassianJanay sewed up the beautiful bags that I will send the pedals out in if I ever get around to selling any.

If I ever make this pedal again I believe I will put the clipping switch on the outside. I believe a sub-mini SPDT with PCB pins will mount directly to the board where you put in the internal slide switch. This is one of the first build where I realized I would like PedalPCB to have more information in their documentation. I think I bought 4 different sliders before the one I put in the build and I still don’t think that one is exactly correct.


  • Volume – Control the amount of output signal
  • Gain – Control the amount of signal gain
  • Bass – Adjusts the level of bass frequency cut
  • Treble – Adjusts the level of treble frequency cut
  • Gain Range (Toggle) – Shifts the range of gain available with the Gain control
  • Mode (Internal switch) – Toggles between Symmetrical / Asymmetrical clipping
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