I plan to make this one again. When I do I think I will try making my own board or use vero as I want to use all 9mm plastic pots so that It will take up less space and I can put some real art on it. Great gain pedal.

Edit: [Feb. 14, 2021] I built this in July of 2020 using the Madbean PCB. I purchases the actual pedal in January of 2021. I will be making a comparison demo at some point over the coming months.


Fron the Madbean build docs:

  • GAIN1, VOL1: This channel is split between two drive settings. For humbucker pickups, turning the GAIN control CCW will slough off some bass. For single coils, setting the GAIN control CW will fatten up the tone. The middle setting in minimal distortion.
  • GAIN2, VOL2: This channel is a more traditional gain control - turning it CW will increase the overall distortion.
  • TONE: The tone control looks a bit like a Big Muff style but changes the mid range rather than panning between LP and HP filters. CCW produces a strong mids cut and CW is normal (or slightly elevated) mids.
  • TB: The Tone Bypass switch defeats the tone control altogether.
  • REACT/BUFFER: Right is “reactive” mode which produces the strongest interaction with your guitar volume knob. In this mode you will have greater control of the overall distortion using just the guitar (if you place the Mysterioso first in your signal chain). In the left position, the guitar passes through a JFET buffer before the gain control and is less interactive with the guitar volume.
  • DIP: This 3-position DIP switch give you a few options for tweaking the Mysterioso. It is explained in the Notes section.
  • T1: This trimmer sets the maximum distortion possible with the two Gain controls. Please see the Notes section for details.


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Precision Drill

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Gut Shots

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