This is the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater. It is a Klon clone from mad bean pedals that I got for free with an order. I decided to build it for my niece who was turning 13 and was getting into guitar. Once I played it I really wished I still had it but she is my “favorite” so it went off to her.


  • VOL - Total Output
  • TONE - Active treble boost
  • GAIN - The Gain control blends between two different audio paths. CCW is the clean boost mode. As you turn the control CW, the audio blends through the gain stage and hard clipping. Many players love the sound of the Klon® with the gain set in the first 1/3rd and the Volume boosted to push their tube amps into breakup.


This is really a speed run of the art because the original is over 2 hours long. I am (badly) demoing the pedal through a Blues Jr with both a PRS desert sky and a Custom 24. Please excuse the repetitiveness of my playing. I know very few mellow songs or riffs.

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