One of the fun things about creating pedals is hearing what they do. With madbean PCBs I buy them just because they are hard to build then see what they sound like.

When I biult this pedal is worked well and I stuck it in a plain enclosure because I could not think of what to paint on it.

Well 10 months later I have moved across country and one day while working from the house I decided to paint the pedal. I saw the LED sitting there with the black bezel and I just saw a light shining from within a mouth. So the mouth gets drawn and little by little the picture comes together. I really like the way this guy came out. Always surprizes me what comes out of my head.

When I had it all finished and put back together I put it on the test bench and wouldn’t you know it… there is no change in the sound when the pedal is on. I will not need to debug this pedal and see if I can get it sounding as good as I think it looks.


  • Blend - By turning your BLEND dial CW you can filter out your original note. As you turn the Blend control, the volume of the original note goes down or up, but the overall volume remains constant. In other words, you can set it so you get your original note plus two new ones… or two new notes with the original… or a mixture of both.
  • Shift - The SHIFT control gives you basic frequency. It has a range of four to five octaves.
  • Fine - The FINE control permits fine tuning of the SHIFT control and covers almost an octave with just a little twist.
  • Filter [Switch] - Controllable high order filters that reduce cross distortions and enhance the variations.
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