So it’s March of 2020. I am recovering from a heria surgery, I’ve ben told not to come back into the office because of the pandemic and I am sitting around watching gear reviews on YouTube. One of the channels I watch it Rhett Shull and he is building a pedal kit from LPD Pedals. I like LPD though I do not have any of his pedals yet. So while watching the video I go to youtube and pick up the kit.

This is the K-1 Overdrive / Boost. I figure K-1 stands for kit 1. To my knowledge there had not been a kit 2 and kit 1 is no longer available.

When it arrives I decided to record the whole process. I go slow and make sure I understand everything I am supposed to do before I do it. I email Lawrence a few times and he is immensely helpful. And before I know it I have a passion for building.

Update May 2021

I recently wrote to Lawrence with the subject “You started this” and told him about the passion he incited. He kindly wrote back with encouraging words of excitement. Since building the K-1 I have completed over 120 pedals in the last 14 months. Ands I purchased the LPD 87 Deluxe and Dutch. I am currently waiting for the 68 stacked to be released so I can get another.


  • Level
  • Drive
  • OD switch
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