The tube screamer. Everyone needs to build at least one and this one has a bunch of different sonic options on the board. It is possible to build the TS808 and the TS9 on this board. SO I figured I would build both.

I did my first enclosure layout mods on this. The Rullywow design has jumpers for fat, bright, and clipping. Instead of letting them be jumpers I installed switches on the side for the fat and bright, and a switch on the front for the clipping options. Since there are only 2 component changes to turn this from a TS808 to a TS9, I added a 3pdt switch on the front to allow a choice between the 2. I also added a bi-color led that changes from red to green to show which voicing you are in. Now, If I can remember which is which I will update this page and let you know.


  • VOLUME sets the overall volume (yes, really it does!)
  • DRIVE adjusts the amount of distortion or gain
  • TONE adjusts the amount of treble/bass. Clockwise for more treble and vice/versa
  • CLIP is an added feature which changes the clipping type
  • Voicing: switch betwee TS808 and TS9 voicings
  • FAT adds extra bass when side switch is engaged
  • BRIGHT adds extra treble when side switch is engaged
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