This is the first pedal to get real paint, even before the talons, kot and eternity. I was worried about messing it up so I put tape ofer the entire enclosure. I drew and painted on the tape and put it together. It looked nice. I posted on reddit and they told me to just go for it. I am really glad I did.

Concept Art

Tape pencil drawing

I got the idea for the artwork on this pedal from searching pharaoh vector on google images. I came across one that was very like this image and really liked it. I wanted to do a skull face and find that references make drawing easier. I had really never done anything like this before.

Because of that I was reloctant to just start painting on the pedal, and the copper hammer enclosure does not let me do a pencil outline first. Because this was my first time really trying to draw something I decided to cover the pedal with gaffer tape, and draw on that. Once I had my sketch completed I poked holes through the tape and put the pedal back together to see how I liked the way it looked.

Tape painted

Since I was satisfied with the sketch and had some acrylic paint pens on hand, I decided to take the pedal apart and color in the tape to really get an idea of what it looked like. I made a post to reddit with the tape pictures to see what people thought. I am really glad they gave me the encouragement to just go ahead and paint the pedals. Sometimes it just takes that little push from others to get you going on a new adventure.

Painting the Enclosure

So I took several peoples advise and went ahead and painted on the enclosure. I made another reddit post when it was complete.

  1. I finally decided to start drawing on the enclosure itself. I used acrylic paint pens by artistro from amazon.
  2. Started Coloring. This is nerve wracking with shaky hands.
  3. Skull almost done.
  4. Hard to put detail into the snake.
  5. I thought I was done with the coloring at this point. But in the final images you can see that I re-outlined almost everything.
placeholder image 3 placeholder image 4 placeholder image 5 placeholder image 6 placeholder image 7


The first image below is the obligatory gut shot. I think I am going to cut the leads on the transistors to make it look a little cleaner.

The next two are with it all done and assembled. I am glad I outlined things again. It helps define the shapes more. As you can see I outline the in and out arrows in black. I think I should have done the lettering as well. I used the Phoenician alphabet from wikipedia to indicate the controls.

Knob Left Switches Knob Right
(T)one Hi/Lo (H)igh
(D)rive Clip (L)evel (Since there is no V for Volume)

The third image shows the pedal with the indicator lights on.

placeholder image 8 placeholder image 9 placeholder image 10

Final Thoughts

Though not designed for top mounted jack I am trying to get some consistency in the pedals I build. I used the extra space for the dual LEDs. The knobs do feel a little low in the enclosure. I still need to put the proper transistors in it. The build doc calls for 3 - 2n5089s. I have them on order from smallbear but have not yet received my order. I saw that the 2n5088 I had on hand can be used as a sub so that is what is in there now. For now it is finished and I am going to see what kinds of sounds I can get out of it.

Note: [Feb. 14, 2021] I really need to open this back up and check though I think they are changed now.

The pedal has a satin finish as I was following the finishing from planetz. I think in the future I am just going to clear coat a few times and then wax. I liked that look better. But this is a learning process. Hope you enjoy.


Note: After finishing the pedal I found gold switches at LoveMySwitches and decided I would upgrade the pedal to use these. I made a video of the process. I hope this is informative.


  • HI/LO Switch: Lo for more headroom/less clipping, Hi for less headroom/more clipping
  • Fuzz
  • Tone: full range tone control
  • High: to replenish highs cut by the tone control
  • Si/Ge Switch: Si for raspy distorted sound, asymmetric Ge for a more warm tubey old school sound
  • Volume:
placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2 placeholder image 3 placeholder image 4 placeholder image 5 placeholder image 6 placeholder image 7 placeholder image 8 placeholder image 9 placeholder image 10
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