This is the first build to really frustrate me. I actually took the pedal and threw it in the trash after soldering the 2P4T on the wrong side of the board. Literally had a little hissy fit. I got over it though. Fished out the PCB and got to work removing the switch. It was destroyed in the process but the pedal works and sounds great now: or at least as great as this pedal can sound. I do not know how to use a robot effectly yet.

Build Report

The art for this pedal is the first where I was not looking at a picture and trying to draw it. To me the pedal looked like a robot with the knobs on, so I just decided to try and draw what was in my head.

What I got was a sad robot. Probably brought about by the frustration I had during the build. Or maybe it did not get enough love and support growing up. Either way I like the way he came out.


  • Volume – Controls the output volume
  • Control – Controls the pitch offset in NORMAL, UP, and DOWN modes. In ARPEGGIO mode it controls the rate of arpeggiation.
  • Mode (Rotary switch) – Selects between NORMAL, UP, DOWN, and ARPEGGIO modes.
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