Build Report

My first experience with slide potentiometers. PedalPCB has been a mainstay and I like building his circuits. This was no exception. I used the faceplate since drilling slots was an experience. I also modified this build with some UV leds and a plexiglass light pipe for the lack of a better term.

Drilling Slots

Drilling the slits is not easy. I center punched then drilled all but the outer slots from the drill template. I would recommend not doing the upper and lower most slot holes. You can see on my build that the locations are just punched and not drilled. The extra space was not needed. I used a jewelers saw and very small files finish the slots. As you can see it was a messy job. Since the saw could not reach the bottom of the slots I tried using the hand drill at an angle as well. Messy work.

Thankfully the faceplate covers it up.

placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2 placeholder image 3

UV Lighting

I wanted the area around the sliders to light up so I could see how it was set in dim lighting situations. I did not want it to be too bright so I used the UV and was hoping that it would make the slider caps light up.

Cutting the slots was much easier on the plexiglass and I used much the same process as I did on the enclosure. I was interesting trying to get the leds to position correctly to get the entire plate to light up around the mounting points. I don’t think it went to poorly for a first attempt.

placeholder image 5 placeholder image 6 placeholder image 7
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