I am a big fan of flangers so I figured I would give this a go. I believe it is my first programmed flange. Did the expression pedal mod on it too. Made mistakes but I will keep learning.

Build Report

The first image shows the mod for the expression pedal. It is on the feedback potentiometer. So the pot is used when there is no expression pedal and when I plug in a cable it is bypassed. I will need to get some video and sound clips of it working.

You can also see in the fifth picture that there is a hole in the top. I wanted to top mount power but the PCb was in the way. I had to put it on the side. I will need to drill closer to the bottom if I am going to do this again. Or use a deeper enclosure. I may get one UV printed if I can get the pedal working well.

I would call this 70% done.

placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2 placeholder image 3 placeholder image 4 placeholder image 5 placeholder image 6
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