This is my first UV printed build. The Hydra Delay is a multi-head drum-style digital delay designed by Mr PedalPCB and includes 24LC32A EEPROM with Hydra algorithm preloaded. It uses the Spin FV-1 chip for processing the digital signal. I purchased the PCB with the FV-1 preinstalled. I have since gotten a little more experience with soldering SMD components and may try to do the next one myself. This also used 1/8W resistors so it has lots of little pieces.

I am still getting used to trying to use a multihead delay. There are a lot of combinations that can be made with the head switches.

I used the Hydra logo because… well… it just fit. I am happy with the way the UV printing came out and this started me on creating the tutorial for UV printing at Tayda.


  • Speed – Controls the rotation speed of the drum (Delay Time)
  • Swell – Controls the number of repeats
  • Age – Adjusts the age of the drum
  • Level – Controls the overall output level
  • Mix – Adjusts the Wet/Dry mix, from 100% Dry to 100% Wet
  • Heads (1 – 4)Toggles the four playback heads On or Off
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