This is the first pedal in what I am considering the Madbean Gauntlet. That is the Super Genius ans Zeus level builds on Madbean’s website. This build is different from more basic build because you use a tube and some capacitors and resistors that are not in the typical pedal.

  • 6011 Tube
  • 5W Transistor
  • Silver Mica Capacitor
  • Long leg right angel 16mm potentiometers

A change I would like to make to the build is use diffused LEDs for interior. I used super bright blue led for the inside and it does not dispurse the color throughout the interior of the pedal.

Update May 26, 2021

Well I switched out the LEDs for blue diffused ones and if didn’t make a ton of difference. I mean it does ont effect the sound at all. But it makes the inside glow a little better. Someone on the PedalPCB for asked about tube pedals, specifically the 6111 that this has in it. So I gave him the link to Mad bean and to this build report.

I then got the pedal out to see how it sounded and nothing. No sound at all. Great… debugging time. So I open it all up, take the nuts off the pots and stomp. Then I lok at the build doc. If you look at the pics here I labeled the DC jack as 9VDC. Well the docs clearly state that it is an 18V pedal. As soon as I gave it the juice it needed it fired right up. Just like a tube amp too. The sounds starts to slowly fade in as the tube heats up.

So know I have a working pedal and I am relabeling the DC input to 18V.

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