The art on this pedal is my take on Shawn Coss’s BiPolar artwork. In Shawn’s art there is another body coming out of the top of the figure you see here. I added the train tracks because I have bipolar diorder and sometimes I feel like I am going off the rails in life. This is also the first sharpie art I have tried on a pedal.

I have built 3 of these now. This is the only one with this art and is for my personal collection. The others are the locomotives and will one day be for sale.


From the spec sheet for the original.

  • GAIN - Controls the overall input gain of unit
  • HI-CUT - Provides a post OD high frequency cut ideal for amp tuning
  • VOLUME - Controls the overall volume of the unit
  • BRITE - This circuit provides two levels of pre OD high frequency boost and an off setting. The degree of boost decreases as the GAIN control is increased.
    • UP: maximum boost. Adds extreme top end clarity and should be set to get best clean-up performance when using humbucker pickups.
    • MIDDLE: OFF, Flat Band Response
    • DOWN: Moderate boost ideal for adding sparkle to your tone.
  • VOICE - Provides two distinct voices for the pedal post OD.
    • T Position: Traditional Voice
    • M Position: Modern British Voice
  • PRESENCE - Provides three levels of post OD high frequency response. Ideal for matching the unit to your amp s top end response.
    • UP: maximum boost. Adds top end bite. Best used with dark amps or when going into a flat band power amp
    • MIDDLE: Flat frequency response
    • DOWN: Darkest setting used best with a bright amp
  • CAB - Provides three modes ideal for matching the unit to your amp s low end response.
    • UP: 4x12 Adds extended low end boost
    • MIDDLE: OFF, Flat Band Response
    • DOWN: 2x12 Adds moderate low end boost
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