I am glad I checked back on the site before I boxed this up as there is an error on the PCB. You can see in the images where I had to put a jumper on the bottom of the board because a trace was missing.

I decided I did not want to use the tap flow in this first one. I wanted it to be a strait build and I find that I do not use tap tempos all that often.

I tried something new with the art on this pedal. I wanted to experiment with water color. Not an easy thing to do on powder coated enclosures. I had tried on paper with black outlines and I liked the way it looked. Got the idea from the Crimson Guitar build that was happening at the time where he was doing the same kind of thing with stain. I sanded the enclosure with 400 grit before applying the water color with water color pens. Next time I think I an going to sand down the enclosure some more so that I can get a more even flatt finish. I then outlined with an ink ped that came with the water color kit. I used acrylic paint pens to do the areas where the labels and “Pachy”, the elephant, are.

I used clear knobs so that the stained glass look of the art could come through. I did not like the way the black showed through the clear knob with the rotary switch so I used a piece of aluminum foil to give it a silver top.

This is a really fun pedal that I need to spend more time with.

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