This is pedal 4 of the “Madbean Gauntlet” and the last of the Super Genius builds. This one is mostly a straight forward build. You will be using 9mm right angle pots instead of 16mm. The really hard part is sourcing the ICs again. There are 13 in this pedal. It is also in a let commmon enclosure size which is basically a 1590BB with the height of a 125B. Madbean puts it as a 125BB but you can use a 1590BBS which is available in colors from Mouser.

I still have not finished this as I still need a submini SPDT with solder lugs. Ordering parts is HARD. Though since you can get almost all of it from smallbear even the higher prices will even out without having to pay shipping from multiple places.


This is a very interesting pedal. I did not know what to expect when I built it. Never even looked up a demo video. It is kind of a reverse reverb with built in distortion. Or like the volume swell. I am going to have to learn cathedral so I can try it out with this. This is a clone of the original not the new version and does not have the features of the newer pedal.

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