I new I had to do this project as soon as I read the build doc. I love the idea of two pedals built to work in tandem with each other. I know I am interested in a build when I have 100 different PCBs at home and I build the new one within a week. I also love the arrt for this one. I am gong to build another set because I decided to try to make prints of the art I create. We will see how it turns out.

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As for how the pedals turned out. I have’t played bass for this long in quite a while. Can’t want until I get a place where I can do some reacording and playing


  • DIRT: Sets the distortion volume at the output.
  • CLEAN: Sets the clean signal volume at the output.
  • DRIVE: Total gain, from “warm” to hard-edge distortion.
  • GATE: This control allows you to dial out noise. CCW - no gate and the distortion is wide open. CW: as you turn it up it will first eliminate hiss and noise at the highest Drive settings. he further up you go it starts squash the dynamics into a highly gated response.
  • S/H: Left: soft clipping (op-amp distortion). Right: hard clipping (op-amp distortion plus LED clipping).
  • ENV Jack: This jack is used to connect to the JunkTrunk (envelope filter) to allow for more dynamic response in the filter when both pedals are used together. More details in the Notes section.
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