I am trying to make this a pedal with a side chain to attach to the different EQs that PCBGuitarMania has to offer.

Update: So I have been experimenting with the EQs and Preamps from PCBGuitarMania. So far I have the Uberknall ( Bogner Uberschall} and the Soldado (Soldano SLO 100). These both sound good with just the volume and gain, but they are so much more versatile with an EQ.

After building the Gas Tank and Junk Trunk from Madbean pedals I figured I could do a side chain with 1/8” (3.5mm) jacks. Currently I am using switching TRS jacks because I am connecting the ground. I do not believe I have to do this and can just use a mono switching jack to connect the preamp to the EQ.

I like this because it allows me to use the preamps and EQs as they are. Or I can connect them with the 1/8”jack and have the EQ before or after the volume pot.

I need to get all 5 EQs done and put the side chain in the soldano to really get to experimenting.


I painted this before I know which pedal was going in it. I like to just explore at times. I started by using the watercolors and just kind of got a sky ad some ground. Whenever I do this I alway think of happy little trees. I have never done trees with water color before.

When I was done I felt it looked a little stark with just the ground and the one tree. I decided that I needed to have a demon tearing through the pretty little reality that I had created.

I masked it off with tape. White washed with acrylic white and drew the demon with acrylic paint pens. I pulled off the mask and I really enjoy the contrast. I often feel as if the darkness is trying to break through.


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