I like this pedal more than I thought I would. I believed it was a high gain pedal. It is what I associate with Mesa Boggie. This is a really nice overdrive though.


For the art I decided to just draw what was on the board. I had no previous remembrance of Oogie Boogie, but others really recognize him. When Boogie was done I wanted to put a yellow light behind him like his eyes. From there I just started filling in with nice solid colors. I like what comes out quite often when I do not preplan what things are going to be.

I didn’t drill the LED holes all the way through the metal of the enclosure so that the light would stay with the confines of his eyes. I like to integrate the LEDs into the art.


  • Gain Control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of boost or mild overdrive
  • Master Level Control provides a variable range of signal boost up to +20dB
  • Bass & Treble Controls provide +/- 12dB of EQ boost or cut for exceptional tone shaping
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