I purchased the real pedal of this first, then requested it from the PedalPCB forum. It was out within a matter of weeks. I am looking forward to doing a head to head on this.

According to the ENGL site:

The Powerball pedal is tonally based on the Lead2 channel of the Engl Powerball II, recreating the gain stages of the amp itself. True bypass and completely analog, the pedal’s specially selected components offer up a particularly high level of sound quality. The electronics assembly is protected by a highly durable housing, meaning you get a pedal that’s going to deliver for a lifetime!


A bolide is a bright meteorite moving through the atmosphere. When I looked up the definition I immediately thought about the 10mm LEDs that I had gotten a while ago. I know that I would use that as the meteorite and then just paint the trail. I am surprised at how much I like this design. I like the way the colours pop.

You see what I did there. I used the European spelling. It sounds all pretentious in my head. Like an art snob.


  • GAIN Controls the amount of gain. Left is less, right is more
  • BASS Controls the amount of low frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • MIDDLE Controls the amount of middle frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • TREBLE Controls the amount of middle frequencies. Left is -7.5db, right is +7.5db
  • VOLUME Controls the output volume. Left is less, right is more.
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