This is a pedal that Mark Davis was posting about on one of the DIY pedal building forums. I reached out and said that if he was willing I would be glad to verify what he posted. I thought it would be a good learning experience having to make modifications to the board so that the pedal worked right.

Mark sent me a couple of boards and I ordered the mn10k pots from Tayda. I followed the instruction be messaged me and put the board together. I think I am going to leave the switch on the inside. I like it in one position and just may leave it there. I also didn’t add the expression jack.


I had some grand plans for the art but I have been getting into doodling lately and ended up drawing a rather simplistic robot. I like the way it came out. Originally I was going to leave it black and white, but as I was looking at it I felt it needed a little color. That little color became more and more until it became what you see here.

I think using mostly primary colors really makes it pop.


  • WARP
  • FINE
  • MODE
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