This is a work in progress. I should probably stage it but I like to have information available.


I’ve seen this come up a few times from beginners about where to start. Since I have only been at this since March of 2020 I thought I would put together a list of what I had found useful. I will try to organize is as best I can and I will continue to update this page as I find more useful things. If a section gets too big I may break it out and make it its own page.

The best thing you can do is explore and read. I will put up a few sites here but I am sure there are others. Another great resource is youtube. I use it to give me tutorials on soldering and using equipment.


Read the forums on the side bar. It is also nice to buy PCB boards from places that have forums as well. PedalPCB has a really good forum and they are very responsive. Rullywow got back to me right away when I had questions. Aion Electronics and Mad Bean Pedals both have very informative documentation. And watch Wampler’s youtube channel, he goes over a lot of stuff about the circuits and how they work. I just started in March, 2020 and have read a lot.

You can also learn a lot from Guitar FX Layouts and Effects Layouts. Other good sites for learning are



Tagboard & Schematics

Facebook Groups


Classic Circuits

There are many morem the blogs above go over many different circuits.

Electronics & Circuits

Pedal Building

Finishing Enclosures


Pedal Boards


Circuit Design



These are some of the youtube channels I subscribe to. There are many others that have to do with music and guitars but these are the pedal focused sites.


Pedal Companies

Reviews and Demos



These are things I have built or want to build

JFET Matching

LM386 Amp

I want to create a timy amp with a 3 inch speaker just for testing on the bench. This is my research so far.

Wave Gen

These are all the links I visited when I was trying to design the TestBox with the wave generator.

PCB Etching

This is my research on PCB etching.

ReAmp Box