This is a work in progress. I should probably stage it but I like to have information available.


I’ve seen this come up a few times from beginners about where to start. Since I have only been at this a couple of month’s I thought I would put together a list of what I had found.

Note: This will be very US centric since that is where I am getting parts and PCBs from.

These are some of the parts I like to use and where I get them from.


Crystal Clear LEDs - I really like these 5mm LEDs and have a good results with them. I use them mainly as indicator LEDs on enclosures. The colors look really nice.

Diffused LEDs - I use these as clipping diodes and for LFO indicators (white usually).

Potentiometer Dust Cover - To avoiding shorting potentiometers on the back of the board. As of March 12, 2021 the dust covers on Amazon are not available. You may be able to find them on stompboxparts or smallbear electronics.

Wire - This 24 awg solid core wire has worked really well so far for me. I also like their 22 awg solid core wires for off board components because I get better control of how the wire bends.

Connectors - These have made my life so much easier. It allows me to connect and disconnet the DC jack so I can take the board back out of the enclosure without having to desolder.

Banana Jack Female - These are great if you are building a test box. It will allow you to use the probes from your DMM as your audio probe.