This is a work in progress. I should probably stage it but I like to have information available.


Email me if there are more that I have missed.

PCB Sites

The numbers are the count of PCBs I have built from the company, NOT the amount they offer.

Tagboard & Schematics


  • Das Musikding
  • DigiKey
  • Fuzz Dog’s Pedal Parts
  • Guitar Pedal Parts
  • LOVE MY SWITCHES - I love his knobs, I get most of mine from this site. Awesome customer service. I cannot recommend enough.
  • Mouser - Really good for bulk purchases and making sure you get good ICs and Transistors. Not a place for NOS.
  • Pedalhacker Electronics - This is the place for NOS. I have order many times. It is a great place to get larger orders from since he had a discount and free shipping when you order a lot. I get many of my NOS transistors and diodes from here.

Warning: June 2023. I apologize for the late warning. I have been seeing posts where people have not been getting product or responses from Pedalhacker Electronics for the past year. The last time I used them was probably early 2021.

  • Pedal Parts Plus
  • Small Bear Electronics - Has many parts that are hard to find elsewhere. Excellent to the DIY community. Also has forums and other information. You will buy from here at some point if you are from the US.
  • Stomp Box Parts - This is Cusack music taking over where Wammoth left off. Good place for getting ICs and potentiometers.
  • Tayda Electronics - This is the place to go for enclosures for me. They have a great selection of good quality, low cost powdercoated enclosures. They do UV printing and drilling. They have parts at very low prices. I get all but the rare stuff from here. Not in love with their knobs. Read around the forums before you buy expensive ICs.

Other Parts