Since I purchased all seven of the Rullywow boards at the same time I thought this would be interesting. I am a huge Dunlop/MXR fan and felt this might be a good experience. Plus I didn’t just want to build drives. I also wanted to experiment with sounds that I had not used before. So I felt a cocked wah was goot circuit to try out.

I know it’s childish but the first thing I thought of when I saw the name of this PCB was Dickbutt. So he gets to be on the pedal. To kept the matte finish on this, it is one of the few pedals that do not have an epoxy finish. THis is alsoduring a time, which still kinda persists today, where I wanted to pedals to look in some way like the original. Hense the color and knobs.

It was a satisfying build, I like the two tone lettering. And I think this is where I started drawing Pachy, my little elephant logo. I really don’t play it much though because I really do not know where the sound work fit into the music I like to play.


  • VOLUME knob sets output level of effect
  • Q ZONE knob adjusts bandpass shape from wide to narrow
  • PEAK knob sets frequency center of effect
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