This is the second pedal I completed as part of my “Madbean Gauntlet”. It is a clone of the discontinued Maxon AD900. Questions 7, 10, and 12 give additional information about the original on the maxon site. With 7 trimmers, an optocoupler (?) that you need to make yourself, and a complicated calibration procedure makes this a much more difficult pedal that the morn.

For the art on this I was looking up pictures of “ManOWar” expoecting to get the band by the same name and drawing something in that vain. A warrior of some type. But I can across the Man-O-War jelly and liked the look. It is an extremely pretty and colorful creature for being so dangerous. I have included the sketch I made to see if it was possible for me to pull off. I really like the colors and the way they come together. I decided to change the knobs after a while because I think the purple complments the art better.

Some things to think about before working on something like this:

This makes just these ICs cost $63.30 and that is without shipping. This is a costly pedal.

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