Finally finished my first GCI pedal. I have had this, the brutalist and the BLM for about 6 months. THey are together, but either not working right or not boaxed.

I had this UV printed as part of my experimenting with Taydas service and it was a FAIL. It was supposed to be white on blue. You may be saying, “Hey it is white on blue”, but it did not come to me that way. I had the color for the blue layer wrong. And I did not include white on the color layer which I now will do with all my prints. So why is it not the aweful gray that prints out when you screw up the white. Well it is because I decided to go over the whole pedal with acrylic paint pens. Almost like I painted it myself, which I guess i technically did. I traced all the printed graphics with white. I had to scratch off the excess paint on the glasses to give them a crisp look. All in all I am happy.

And it is a fun pedal. A lot of different harmonic sounds. Only played it for a few minutes so far but I will have to really give it a go with different guitars and amps.


One issue I have is with the documentation. There is no image of the PCB in the documentation. I wish the controls were explained a little better.


  • Level
  • Loudness
  • Response
  • Distortion
  • Dark - it’s like a reverse bright switch
  • Mid
  • Clip - LED/Ge, LED, Asymmetrical silicon
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