I’ve wanted one of these Diezel pedals for a while. Just never got around to buying one of each overdrive. Can you image trying to accomplish that feat? One thing about building pedals though is that you can get there a little easier. So I am not building my way through every pedal I possibly can. But I am a completionist and I am afraid I will be disappointed in the end. But I will have fun as I try.

This pedal will have to remain in this semi finished state. It serves it’s purpose right now. But I will beed to get by CNC laser up and running so I can try new things. Alas… yet again I need to wait until I have more room to work.


I really hope that laser is strong enough to burn through the black.


  • Treble
  • Mid
  • Bass
  • Gain
  • Volume
  • Presence
  • Deep: Not too, with Grace Helbig
placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2 placeholder image 3 placeholder image 4 placeholder image 5 placeholder image 6 placeholder image 7
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