About 6 months ago I purchase a bunch of the Madbean Pedals 1590A boards. I thoughts they would be fun to work on and I could learn a few things. What I learned first and foremost is that I do not like trying to put circuit in these little enclosures. Therefore I got them most of the way done and had only boxed one.

Note: Now that I look I have completed several. But it still stands that I find is frustrating to try to get these done.

Well I had a few small enclosures left and decided I would box up a few and this was the first.


It is difficult to see in the first picture but I used a PCB mount 16mm pot in this. What I do when I off board mount these is feed the wire through the little holes in the legs then cut the legs off. This gave me a little extra room in the enclosure. I also used the fully boxed jacks in this which makes it a little more difficult and takes up more room. I believe the Lumberg jacks would have been much easier and will use those in the future. I also used a low profile stomp and DC jack.

Another important part to use are low profile electrolytic capacitors. They are either 5 or 7mm high. The same height or smaller than standard film box capacitors. As you can tell, you have to use a lot of parts that are not necessary in a regular build make it easier with a 1590A. So prepare accordingly.


I think this is the forth enclosure that I chode to paint using a brush instread of pens. I wanted to do a Bob Ross inspired scene with happy little trees. It basically came about because once I had it in the green enclosure with a yellow knob, I thought it looked like a sun in the sky.

The most unique part about the art for this is that is was completed with all the hardware still in the enclosure. I removed the nut for the pot and stomp but removed nothing else. I worked around everything when I painted and did the epoxy. Plus I did the epoxy as soon as the paint was dry because I could not bake the paint with the electronics inside.

I am actually very happy with the way it came out. I think I am going to take some art lessons in the fall. I am very much enjoying the process.


  • Speed - LFO rate from slow to fast
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