With the last pedals I talked about the frustration of working with the 1590A enclosure. Well… I may be a bit of a masochist since I put this circuit in a 1590LB, which is even smaller.

Does it Fit

I believe the LPB-1 is one of the best circuits for this form factor. The Madbean Pedals Donut is not. Not that it is a bad PCB. It is just that it is not optimized for size. It works perfectly for a 1590A though.

I used the Lumberg jacks that I had just added to my inventory. This saved a ton of space. It had a low profile stomp as well. I had to desolder the wires I originally had on it because I needed them longer. Solder wick worked great for that. I also used a 9mm plastic shaft pot instead of the 16mm I originally was going to use. It is held in place only by pressure.


After getting everything in the enclosure and testing how it worked I chose not to really paint anything on this. I believe it already looked like a little guy with his hands up when the flat cables were in. I decided to name is “lil buddy” because he helps out and give other pedals a boost.

I know I know… a corny sense of humor. I’ll just see myself out. <[°-°]<


  • Filling – Sets the total volume output.
  • Glaze (Switch) – Louder. More pick attack and treble.
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