I will get images up soon but it is the same pedal and art as Pandemic Pedal #124. The only difference is that the LED is white and where the train light is and I used TL072 chip instead of the OPA2134. It gives it a little darker tone.


From the spec sheet:

  • GAIN: Controls the overall input gain of unit
  • HI-CUT: Provides a post OD high frequency cut ideal for amp tuning
  • VOLUME: Controls the overall volume of the unit


  • BRITE: This circuit provides two levels of pre OD high frequency boost and an off setting. The degree of boost decreases as the GAIN control is increased.
    • UP: maximum boost. Adds extreme top end clarity and should be set to get best clean-up performance when using humbucker pickups.
    • MIDDLE: OFF, Flat Band Response
    • DOWN: Moderate boost ideal for adding sparkle to your tone.
  • VOICE: Provides two distinct voices for the pedal post OD.
    • UP: Traditional Voice
    • DOWN: Modern British Voice
  • PRESENCE: Provides three levels of post OD high frequency response. Ideal for matching the unit to your amp s top end response.
    • UP: maximum boost. Adds top end bite. Best used with dark amps or when going into a flat band power amp
    • MIDDLE: Flat frequency response
    • DOWN: Darkest setting used best with a bright amp
  • CAB: Provides three modes ideal for matching the unit to your amp’s low end response.
    • UP: 4x12 Adds extended low end boost
    • MIDDLE: OFF, Flat Band Response
    • DOWN: 2x12 Adds moderate low end boost
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